Doki-Doki Anime Club
Welcome to the Doki-Doki Anime Club.

We are a small anime club, located in Southern New Jersey. We meet once a month, every second Saturday, in the Peter P. Childs Meeting Room of the Collingswood Library. Typical meetings run from 9:30am until 3:00pm, with the exception of the two or three summer months, when the meetings end at 1:00pm. Anime is shown from 10:00am until just short of the meeting's end. During full meetings, the club typically breaks one hour for lunch.

Our goal is to provide a catalyst for the exchange of information regarding anime, manga, and the like, between people of common interests, through mediums such as meetings, mailing lists, websites, and outside activities.

This coming month (April 10, 2010) is our 5th Anniversary. For this anniversary (the traditional gift for which is wood), we will be completing three series. So, when you come over, bring a few ideas for what we should start next. We will probably start with Seitokai no Ichizon, so we will need at least two more suggestions! We currently have nothing planned to celebrate, but that too is a suggestion we will welcome. So let us know what you think would be good ideas, via the mailing list.

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At our previous meeting, we showed...

Collingswood Public Library
771 Haddon Avenue
(corner of Frazier and Haddon)
Collingswood, NJ 08108
(856) 858-0649
Please do not call the library about club activities.

For those that use public transportation, the library is just a few short blocks from the Collingswood PATCO station. New Jersey Transit bus route 451 runs right past the library (see the bench in the right image), and routes 403 and 450 have connection points nearby.

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